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How JUNK.com.au helped the community in 2021

Alongside their commitment to reducing landfill wherever possible, junk.com.au took major steps to separating themselves from other rubbish removals businesses through a series of community programs in 2021.

Junk.com.au was strong in their endeavours to engage in the community. In 2021 they worked with multiple charities and ran initiatives to support those in need.


JUNK.com.au believes that salvaging goods that still have life left in them is not only good for the environment but also our community.

Percentages of each sale in their warehouse were donated to homeless.com.au and their charities. With the financial stress caused by COVID19, buying second-hand and up-cycling furniture is becoming more popular.

Homeless.com.au provides a portal for those wonderful citizens offering help and linking them with those in our communities who need it most. Both JUNK.com.au and homeless.com.au understand the power of stories in changing perspectives. In this context JUNK.com.au will continue to create online and print content about the endeavours of individuals they’ve hired, from homeless and disadvantaged backgrounds.

It’s the hope that these stories will help destigmatise homelessness and encourage more people to seek employment.


As part of the roll-out of the JUNK-Kidz Library, JUNK.com.au has hundreds of books ready to be donated. So they went on the search for an organisation that shared their concerns for children’s literacy in Australia.

None were as passionate and driven as the ‘Streets Library’, founded in 2015 by Sydney resident Rob Lowe. Streets Library has a vision to build an Australian-based free library movement that encourages literacy and community.

Street Library aims to be a self-sufficient revenue

source by selling libraries to those who do not want to build them and hosting workshops for those who want to learn how to build them.

Anyone is able to set up their own library on their street. The idea is that people walking by can swap and trade their books without the inconvenience of renting a book from a library, as suggested by their motto: “Take a Book, Give a Book, Share a Book.”

How Does JUNK.com.au help?

JUNK.com.au helped this project earlier in 2021, through the distribution of over 100 books collected on their day-to-day jobs. JUNK Crew members visited Streets Libraries all over the Bellarine, boosting their numbers and helping lift their profile.


JUNK.com.au is more than a rubbish removal service. They strive to engage with our community, providing resources to those who need it most.

The newest addition to JUNK.com.au’s community programs is offering Safe Haven clientele homeware vouchers to the Recycle Warehouse. These vouchers aim to help them get back on their feet and live independently.

What is safe Haven?:

Safe Haven Community provides earlier intervention pathways, allowing people to escape abusive relationships before they escalate to physical violence.

The Safe Haven Community offers fully supported, community-based temporary accommodation for women at risk of domestic abuse.

The Recycle Warehouse has 1000’s of items available for individuals registered with the Safe Haven Community. Everything from homeware, kitchenware, white-goods to gardening tools are available.

The vouchers are worth up to $500 in value, however JUNK.com.au is willing to up that price, depending on the discretion of the individual and what they need.

Sean Harken

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