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Queenscliff Art Prize underway at the Pier

The unique outdoor art event, already underway on the Queenscliff Pier will arguably be the largest outdoor two dimensional art exhibition in Australia, and will feature 85 works from a host of creatives from across the country.

The Sculptures By The Sea in Bondi (with one hundred works) is considered to be the biggest, although the Bondi event runs for just three weeks, whereas the artworks forming the Queenscliff Art Prize will be running from early November till after Easter 2022.

All artworks are printed in Melbourne on specialised aluminium panels and these panels will be attached to the pier handrail. Permits issued by Parks Victoria.

The Queenscliff Art Prize event will be without doubt a major Australian covid safe tourism event, with all of the art enjoying the stunning backdrop of Shortlands Bluff, Point

Nepean and Port Phillip Heads. Given its unique ever changing natural environment set on the historic Queenscliff Pier, substantial local and national media coverage is expected, perhaps even some international coverage given the beauty of the location.

In addition to the art event of the Queenscliff pier, there’s a plan for a number of ‘satellite exhibitions’ where additional printed art panels will be exhibited for a full 12 months in the grounds of a number of major wineries across Victoria, thereby promoting Queenscliff as a major arts hub across Victoria.

The exhibition will include works of a number of celebrated indigenous artists from the greater region, being Jessi Rebel Billy-Jay O’Toole Jenna Oldaker & Norm Jurrawaa Stanley.

These open air, public art exhibitions have a proven track record of not only extending the stay of existing visitors, but attracting visitors that would cite the event as the primary reason for visiting a location.

It’s estimated that the Queenscliff Art Prize, over the course of the five months (November

2021 – Easter 2022) would yield an estimated benefit in excess of $350,000 in direct spend with Queenscliff businesses, and across the wider Bellarine.

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