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The Youth Guerrilla Garden Project

Bellarine Community Health (BCH) is creating the first ever youth community garden on the Bellarine.

Designed and built by young people, for you-ng people, the project coincides with the opening of HeadSpace Ocean Grove (where the garden is located). The project aims to promote youth community engagement while educating those involved on the impacts of climate change.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report results are scary for young people and for those who are living on the Bellarine are acutely aware of the challenges communities face in response to climate change and its effects on their health and wellbeing, food and water security and the liveability of their region in their lifetime.

BCH Healthy and Connected Communities project lead, Fiona Cadorel, said young people are motivated to learn how they and their families can reduce household carbon emissions to mitigate climate change.

“In Australia, we are seeing an increase of young people feeling distressed about the state of the planet, finding themselves in a downward spiral of what is termed ‘eco-anxiety’. Bellarine Community Health’s Youth Guerrilla Garden Project provides young people with a safe and supportive space to turn Eco-anxiety into action”, she said.

“The Youth Guerrilla Garden Project brings together environmentally minded young people living on the Bellarine and gives them the opportunity to learn new skills in ‘community sufficiency’ and ‘climate resilience’”.

Before the workshop, none of the young people had built a wicking garden bed, but by the end of the day, they were confident to take their skills and share them at home and in their school communities.

Young people (12-25) who get involved will learn how to reduce their ecological influence by growing their own free organic food. The Youth Guerrilla Garden team is currently developing community initiatives that will commence in the coming months.

To register or to find out more information email: [email protected]

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