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Electric Car Workshop at QNH

Are you thinking of buying an electric vehicle but don’t know what to look for? Do you want to know how far you can travel, charging options and what technology is being installed now to support our transition to driving cleaner, greener cars? 

On Tuesday November 9th from 4:30PM to 6:00PM QNH (Queenscliffe Neighbourhood House) is hosting Stuart Miller, a passionate electric vehicle user, to help you discover the game-changing innovations in batteries and charging stations.

“I have owned 4 EVs (Electric Vehicles) starting with a Hybrid then PHEV and EV’s over the past 10 years and will talk from a vehicle owners point of view”, Stuart said.

Due to the glacially slow uptake of EV’s in Australia (in comparison to other countries) and the disinterest of the Government to incentivise uptake, it is up to enthusiasts like Stuart and those generally concerned about reduction in greenhouse gases, to promote low emission vehicles.

“As someone who has had an interest and passion in EV’s for many years I felt I could share  my knowledge in an attempt to normalize them. Much of the hesitancy is due to consumers being unaware of how they work. Hopefully I will be able to dispel some myths, answer some questions and alleviate some fears”, Stuart said.

EV’s have existed for decades, yet because of infrastructure constraints in Australia it has been virtually impossible to establish a domestic market.This is slowly changing with the installation  of new charge stations every day. In 2020, there were 6,900 electric cars sold in Australia, a 2.7 per cent increase from the 6,718 sold in 2019. The 2020 figures show electric cars accounting for 0.7 per cent of total Australian car sales.

“This uptake is still painfully slow due to lack of initiatives offered by the government unlike the rest of the world. The Victorian Government does offer $3000 for your first new EV purchase but then has a road tax of 2.5c per km”, Stuart said.

“Mitsubishi who offer a plug-in Hybrid alternative are displeased as this incentive is only available to full electric vehicles that are valued under about $70,000. To date the Federal Government actively discourages uptake by offering no incentives and continually saying things like we are ‘killing tradie utes and long weekends’ ”, he said.

In the workshop you will also get to see a number of EV models such as the Nissan Leaf which will be on display at QNH as part of the talk. All of the vehicles on display are owned and driven in the Borough.

“They range in price from $20-80,000 and the price dictates the various benefits and disadvantages. There are no dealer cars for obvious credibility reasons. There are several different Nissan Leaf’s, Tesla Model 3’s which are the most popular EVs in Australia. I will also give an overview of some of the other cars available in Aus with approx prices  and ranges. I will explain the different types of Electric vehicle, hybrid, PHEV and EV.”

Stuart will discuss the challenges for EVs in Australia, including the biggest hurdle in the perceived cost of purchase. 

“I will give examples of how the initial purchase price is only a small component of the total cost of ownership and show how EV’s are comparable in price in the long term and sometimes even cheaper. Not all EV’s cost hundreds of thousands. In fact I can show you how to get into an EV for as little as $20,000 and how the mid range new car market sits at the low 40’s”, he said.

As global warming worsens and the climate crisis rolls on, EVs present an opportunity for the everyday individual to take control of their impact on the environment. Transport represents 16% of greenhouse gas emissions, after housing this is the biggest domestic contributor . 

“There are so many things in the world we have no control over and EV ownership is a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint”, Stuart said.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the benefits of EVs Stuart will be hosting 2 workshops on the 9th of November at QNH, 4.30-6PM, then 6-7.30PM. Book ahead before space runs out.

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