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Currently exhibiting ‘On the Move’ at Queenscliffe House Gallery (every day until November 9th), is Pip Williams, a printmaker whose works include linocuts, etchings and monotype prints.

Pip’s works aim to capture specific moments in time by using striking colours and an array of underlying patterns. She says her style is drawn from her feelings for each specific subject.

“I can only create a work if I relate to it by way of great memories…sometimes it can be naïve, & I usually have a sense of movement. I work very quickly & don’t go back. Not the work of a perfectionist, more capturing the moment”, Pip said.

While she draws influences from the likes of the Grosvenor School artists and generally observing many printmakers from all over the world, Pip said she has evolved to have her own truly independent style. 


“[In the beginning] I proceeded to teach myself black and white printing and while on a trip to visit an aboriginal community near Kalgoorlie, I was inspired by their coloured linocuts. I then worked out the process they had used” she said.

Pip has been involved in supplying work for galleries for over the last fifteen years and teaching her methods for nearly 10.

“I suppose it takes a few years before you can confidently write ‘artist’ on your passport & it goes through a few lulls when inspiration & confidence are lacking. At my age (71), it is not really a career, more a passion, but it does give me a boost when other people want to possess something I’ve made”, she said.

As for her process, Pip says she has developed her techniques for print work over a long period of time. 

“It varies how long a print takes from an idea, to drawing, to planning colour sequences, carving a lino block or several (Pomegranates was 5), test printing & then final printing of several copies. Because I work fast, it would probably average 1 week.”

Pip also has a terrific array of textile garments using home-spun yarn, including both wool and alpaca.

“My textiles are another part of me. I love creating my own designs & knitting them & I love colour, so I dye a lot of the wool. I started working with wool when I married a sheep farmer way back. It felt good to be taking our sheep to another level but unfortunately Merino wool isn’t the easiest to spin.

After many years & a second marriage she took it up again with a vengeance, mostly at night, as her work ethic is “pretty manic!”.

“I also find it relaxing & enjoy the process of fleece to wearable items, plus expressing creativity in another way” she said.

Pip’s works have been displayed in galleries from Geelong and Queenscliff to Castlemaine, Ballarat and even Ghana. As well as her current exhibition at QNH (Queenscliffe Neighbourhood House) Gallery, she also has works on display at the studio she built on her property, ‘135 Studio’.

“I feel very excited about the direction I am now going with expanding my printmaking techniques & a new studio & printing press. I am seeking out more galleries to display my work & have been selected to be part of the Queenscliffe Art Prize which will be on show in Queenscliffe for 3 months & regional wineries for 12 months. Hopefully this will lead to something more” she said.

Pip’s art  can be seen on her Instagram: [email protected], Facebook: philippa Williams, or website: 135studio.com. You can also visit the new studio at 2-8 Gilchrist St, Drysdale.

Don’t forget to see her current exhibition at Queenscliffe House Gallery featuring linocuts from some of her travels. ‘On the Move’ will be on until 9th November and is open every day.

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