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Splashing onto the art scene over the past few years is Kat Marcius, whose colourful and fun artwork explores coastal life through an abstract lens.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Kate Eliza, our ‘Spotlight Artist’ creatively mixes colours with flaring intuition and expression, aiming to bring a sense of calm and fascination into her canvas work.

“My work is best described as abstract with lots of shapes and patterns that tend to resemble sea life such as coral, rockpools and seascapes. But I’m not limited to that, I also love to paint these ‘girls’ that resemble different versions of myself”, Marcius said.


Growing up in a small coastal town bred a strong fascination and connection with the ocean and nature.

“A lot of my work is a reflection of that. The beach is definitely my happy place so I like to think my artwork brings that vibe back into our homes” she said.


“Creativity has always been a part of my life. My dad loves to paint and my mum is a Jeweller. 

As a family we always had fun crafty projects on the go. I loved painting because it was something I could do on my own and run wild with my imagination”.


Having studied Visual Arts and Art Therapy at university, Marcius began to run after school sessions with young teens, aiming to use art and creativity as a form of therapy.

“It is about using art as a medium to explore, express or reflect on what’s going on for you without having to use words all the time. It can also just be a great way to have some fun and take your mind off things”, Marcius said.


Generally an art therapy session would include some sort of creative activity, whether that was painting, drawing, a craft project or even playing around with clay and talking along the way. 


“Every client is different and we approach a session to their needs. It is about using art as a medium to explore, express or reflect on what’s going on for you without having to use words all the time”, she said.


“It doesn’t have to be in-depth conversations, there doesn’t have to be any conversation! But when it comes to kids and teens it’s about sitting with them and where they are at, being a support; someone who listens to them, someone they can trust other than their parents. There is something about making with your hands that can be so powerful”.


Becoming an artist who makes an income from their work was a slow burn for Marcius. She started out with friends and family buying her artwork and exhibiting occasionally. Now, with the help of social media and displaying work around Geelong, Marcius has found her work has really taken off in the last two years.


“I had my first solo show in Brighton in 2018 and have had artwork displayed around Geelong. To name a few: Creative Geelong Arcade, Eastern Hub Geelong, Analogue Academy. I currently have my work displayed at Woodhouse Cafe in Belmont, Geelong.” 


As for the future Marcius is getting a body of work together to create an online store, aiming to be released in October.

“I’m also looking to stock my work in homeware stores or cafes in Torquay, Barwon Heads or Queenscliffe over the summer. So shout out to any local stores who would be interested!” she said.


Find her artwork online via these links: Instagram: @kmpaintings, Facebook: @KMPaintings, Website: www.kmpaintings.com

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