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On Saturday 7th August the doors will open at 6pm at Point Lonsdale School Hall, for an all ages event: The ‘Bones and Jones’ Concert, featuring ‘Paraquay’ and ‘Good Sniff’.

Reviving the blues rock sound and adding some impressive elements, Bones and Jones are truly putting their own spin on the local rock scene. 

With beautiful 60’s inspired vocal harmonisations between Jasper Jolley and Finn Chappell and a sound that would appeal to most demographics, Bones and Jones are fastly becoming favourites of the Australian Festival circuit.

Lead vocalist, Jasper Jolley, grew up in Ocean Grove and said the band came together in the late stages of high school.

“George and I played in a band in high school. The rest of the group went to Joeys together. I grew up with a couple of them in Ocean Grove. Towards the tail end of high school we started jamming in different incarnations and then we started playing some shows”, he said.

Their unique sounds have seemingly stemmed from their childhood influences, something Mr Jolley said the group still cherishes to this day.

“My mum always played music when she was younger, kicking around Melbourne with some bands. George’s parents were also pretty formidable musicians. They heavily influenced a lot of country and blues , so that bled through to George and myself”. 

Mr Jolley said the band has come leaps and bounds since their high school hamming sessions and have each individually progressed since then.

“We all like to play with each other a lot better now. We’ve got into a good routine of playing shows. It’s a whole different ball game to sitting in a room and jamming out to some music. We’re always trying to get ‘road ready’, as much as we can in this day and age”.


While the group had been very active at the start of 2021, the subsequent lockdowns in Victoria has limited their ability to tour and move around to the gigs they’d planned.

“It’s hard to plan stuff at the moment. We had a good run of a couple months at the start of the year, where we did a couple of festivals and a few shows over the East Coast and Victoria”, Mr Jolley said.

“We try and plan stuff, but a week is a long time in the pandemic world. Sometimes you don’t know you’re 100% playing a gig, until you’re up on the stage and start playing”.

The band even found themselves in a sticky situation where they were trapped in a snap NSW lockdown.

“We got stuck up in NSW over new years, and then we had to buy a van to drive out of the state, because of the lockdown”, Mr Jolley said.

The FReeZa ‘Bones and Jones’ Concert is set to be their first performance post the most recent Victorian Covid-lockdowns, so make sure you get down and see their amazing live performance.


WHEN: Saturday 7th August. Doors at 6pm
WHERE: Point Lonsdale School Hall
TICKETS: $10 – Pre-sale. $15 – On the Door

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