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The Queenscliffe Herald provides the local community with information about what’s going on in the Borough of Queenscliffe, supports businesses and promotes tourism to visitors. The paper features human interest stories about the locals and historic articles that are always of interest to the reader. Scores of readers report they enjoy reading the paper and look forward to picking it up around town which is gratifying and supports community building at the grass roots level.

The Queenscliffe Herald is a full colour newspaper with a monthly circulation of 5,000 papers of 16-20 pages, with circulation increased to 7,000 copies and 24 pages over festival and holiday periods to meet demand. That equates to 10-20,000 people referring to it for local news and events, where to stay, shop or dine.

The Queenscliffe Herald is located in baskets around the borough, Bellarine Peninsula, on the Ferry and at both the Sorrento and Queenscliff terminals which means they are picked up through choice making their way into people’s homes where they have a long shelf life.

I encourage you to continue supporting our local community, businesses and tourism through the Queenscliffe Herald, a genuine local newspaper of choice – now available online for greater convenience for readers and added exposure for our advertisers.

Carmel Murphy – Editor

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