Point Lonsdale Camp – Toc H

Known locally as Toc H, the crumbling site which surrounds the entrance to the Point Lonsdale lighthouse has sat idle and in a state of decay for some years since its closure as a children’s camp. Passersby would be forgiven for presuming that this eerie, foreboding eyesore was utterly insignificant in a historical sense. However, […]

Janet Dawson – a celebrated artist

Art is never still; it reflects the times in which it is produced, the individual who produces it and the past which has shaped it. Nor is it a linear progression – it can step sideways, backwards and forwards – but always it is a process of investigation. Janet Dawson is an artist of intense […]

The Herald now delivered to all homes in 3225 postcode

The virus shutdown affecting many local businesses has impacted our distribution via baskets spread throughout the borough causing a rethink on how to deliver the local news to our readers. We’ve tried printing fewer copies, skipping an edition and partial home delivery, finally deciding on full home delivery to homes in the borough as well […]

Bunny Woods damaged beyond repair? Bulldozer the only Option?

As a permanent Point Lonsdale resident I am saddened and appalled by  vandalisation and damage done by BMX-ers  that is destroying the woodland opposite the Point Lonsdale Cemetery. Known locally as the Bunny Woods, figure eight tracks, mounding, formed jumps and ramps have been carved into the landscape. Trees have been cut down and broken.  […]

Borough economy in quarantine

Times are tough in the borough. Shops have been forced to close, visitors have stopped coming, residents are in lockdown and the streets are deserted with people venturing out only for the essentials or to exercise. Coronavirus is taking a toll on newspapers as advertising grinds to a halt. News is scarce with events and […]

360Qs new chef passionate about his craft

Istvan Ulman’s passion for food began with his mother in Hungary where they enjoyed cooking together. “We’d spend hours making Sunday lunch and I loved making custard that’s still a favourite of mine.” At the age of 15 he trained in Budapest then worked in kitchens across Scotland, Ireland and England and taught cooking in […]

Shedding the Blues

The launch pf a new men’s wellbeing group ‘Shedding the Blues’ focusing on a shared love of music was launched by Ms Libby Coker, Federal Member for Corangamite, at the Queenscliff RSL 21 February. “From today’s turnout it’s going to be a great success,” said Ms Coker. “It’s a perfect setting for men to come […]

Road to Refuge at SacredEdge

The Sacrededge Festival will once again be a welcoming host to people with a lived experience of seeking asylum. Jeanine Hourani is a refugee advocate, writer, researcher and public speaker. She is the Director of Road to Refuge, an organisation that aims to change the narrative around refugees and asylum seekers in Australia by providing […]

Rod Dudley – Sculptor/Painter

Queenscliff resident Rod Dudley grew up in suburban Melbourne. After leaving school in the 1950s he worked in a variety of jobs in the city and country, as well as doing National Service. He then trained to be a Secondary Art and Craft Teacher and taught at Bairnsdale and Camberwell High and at Wesley College. […]

Choralography with Jonathon Welch

Queenscliff town hall reverberated with song and applause for 65 singers under the direction of Dr Jonathon Welch AM, best known as the Founding Music Director of the inspirational Choir of Hard Knocks, Sydney Street Choir, Australian Pop Choir, Pop Kidz and now THE CHO!R. Jonathon’s innovative choral arrangements cover a range of musical styles […]