Rucci WD (Wonder Dog) saddled up for delivery with Denis who met Eva Millie and her cute terrier on his trial run.

The Herald now delivered to all homes in 3225 postcode

The virus shutdown affecting many local businesses has impacted our distribution via baskets spread throughout the borough causing a rethink on how to deliver the local news to our readers.

We’ve tried printing fewer copies, skipping an edition and partial home delivery, finally deciding on full home delivery to homes in the borough as well as all the 3225 postcode in Geelong. A team of ‘paper boys’ have been engaged and full delivery commences this month and thereafter.

Our popular correspondent Denis Walters and his wonder dog ‘Rucci’ will be delivering in Point Lonsdale. Stop him if you have a story that may interest our readers.

It’s a step down for Rucci whose claim to fame includes a greyhound race win under the name Varuchi Pass meaning Hot Dog in Croatian, a starring role in his own play ‘Hot Dog’ that won The Potato Shed’s 12×12 play competition in 2019. But a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do in these hard times even if it means delivering newspapers.

The other local newspaper delivered to your homes and throughout the Bellarine has very little local content, but is the preferred media of our local council, a decision taken by our councillors last year.

Let council know you prefer The Queenscliffe Herald to bring you local news and stories.