Photo from Bunny Woods area does not show full extent of damage to a wider area.

Bunny Woods damaged beyond repair? Bulldozer the only Option?

As a permanent Point Lonsdale resident I am saddened and appalled by  vandalisation and damage done by BMX-ers  that is destroying the woodland opposite the Point Lonsdale Cemetery.

Known locally as the Bunny Woods, figure eight tracks, mounding, formed jumps and ramps have been carved into the landscape. Trees have been cut down and broken.  Councillors, Foreshore Managers and responsible officers are to blame for a lack of action over a number of years of negligence, despite being informed numerous times in writing and violation of the Vandalism Policy.

All involved including perpetrators of this damage should be ashamed of the state of this previously pristine nature reserve. Perhaps the only option left is to bull doze the land and start again or alternately expand the caravan park and at least make some money from it.

The typically Queenscliff centric BoQ has long turned a blind eye here and while we are seeing some changes with a new CEO it is long past the time for just remedial action. Instead of making grand plans with few results, catering to interest groups and full page advertisements promoting their green “future “credentials, perhaps we should be asking BoQ Councillors  in their cosy Queenscliff environment – who is sleeping with whom?

That may awake them from slumber and get action on existing environmental problems such as the Bunny Woods and Rip View reserve where similar damage is occurring.

Residents are invited to check out these woodlands for themselves and respond directly to Council.