Cousins Seth 9 from Mill Park and Oscar 10 from Reservoir agreed Trees Adventures was 'the best ever!’

Flying high at Trees Adventure

Since its official opening in April this year, Trees Adventure Otway Park has proven to be an exciting eco-adventure park. It offers eight challenging courses for people aged from four and up. Up is the key word here as feel on top of the world flying above the tree tops attached to a variety of ziplines and rope challenges.

Trees Adventure Park offers five colour-coded course levels to enjoy for 2 hours. Between each challenge wooden platforms have been built around the trunks of native eucalypts allowing continued growth of the host trees. Everyone is supplied with a helmet and harness and a lesson on how to attach themselves to the zip-lines that sees kids young and old streaking between trees with glee in no time.

Trees Adventure Otway Park is at 7 Possum Ridge Rd, Yeodene, between Forrest and Colac. Open Tuesday to Friday 10am-5pm. Daily for public and school holidays 9am-5pm

Bookings essential to or 0429 374 653.