Trees Adventure in the Otway Ranges

Looking for something a tad more challenging for the kids over the holidays? Trees Adventure in the Otway Ranges might just be the ticket.

Trees Adventure Otway Park located in Yeodene, next door to the outdoor fun park ‘Planet Mud’ between Forrest and Colac is easily accessible for visitors to the region and locals alike.

The new attraction offers 8 challenge courses from 4 years old and up with sessions lasting 2 hours. Varying age ranges have 5 colour-coded course levels to choose from and have the independence to choose which course they will traverse depending on their skills.

Trees Adventure Otway Park offers over 80 challenges and ziplines at a height of 2 to 25 metres. Between each challenge are wooden platforms built around the trunks of native eucalypts that allows for continued growth of the host trees. Minimal impact to the trees is part of the brilliance of the design.

The founders of Trees Adventure Nicolas Dansin and Marc Flaster have opened up in six locations throughout Australia. The eco-friendly, outdoor adventure concept was inspired by popular adventure courses found throughout Europe.

Trees Adventure Otway Park is located at 70 Possum Ridge Rd, Yeodene 3249.
Open daily 9am-5pm during Public and School Holidays. Open Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm, closed on Monday beginning in May.
Bookings: or 0429 374 653.