Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop

Queenscliffe Literary Festival Exhibition & Great Authors Print Exchange: May 3-June 12

Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop (QG&W) will present an exhibition of 32 printmaker works inspired by classic authors during the literary festival, titled the Queenscliffe Literary Festival Exhibition & Great Authors Print Exchange.

The famous prose of Leo Tolstoy, the chilling darkness of Bram Stoker, and the stiff complexities of Jane Austen’s 1800s English society will be on display during this year’s Queenscliffe Literary Festival – but not in a way you might expect.

When creating their hand-made works, invited print artists were allocated suggested texts and authors as diverse as Austen, Tolstoy, Agatha Christie and Oscar Wilde to contemporary writers including J.K Rowling.

The process is called a print exchange, which gallery owner Soula Mantalvanos said is quite a common art practice, although artists are usually given a single word or phrase.

QG&W did a similar exchange last year for the festival allocating a single letter to artists which she said became quite intriguing for gallery visitors. “Some could spot the ‘A’ and others couldn’t. Some artists really push the boundaries and it was perfect as some sort of new age alphabet,” said Soula.

She said she was thrilled with the submissions. “I have really high expectations and the printmakers always exceed them,” she said. “They are all professional, brilliant at what they do and with their creativity they twist it, they push it and they turn it on its head. In all the history of printmaking, you probably wouldn’t see two prints the same.”

Official opening Sunday 7 May 3pm.

All 32 works will be on display at QG&W from 3 May to 12 June.