Front and centre - David and Chris with director Shelley Phillips and music teacher Shane Lestideall whose Boxwood Festival of weekend workshop for 50 musicians at Whitehall Guesthouse was a big hit.

The Canadian Maritimes perform at Queenscliffe Maritime Museum

Canadians David Greenberg and Chris Norman played to a packed house at the Queenscliffe Maritime Museum Boatshed where Chris had them singing a chorus or two.

Their music brings the traditions of the early music washed ashore with the European settlers, especially with Scots and Irish Celtic, and Acadian traditions. Chris (flutes, small pipes, song) and David (Cape Breton fiddle and baroque violin) lived up to their reputations as ‘one of the most impassioned folk-fiddlers you’ll ever hear’ and ‘the best baroque violin soloist in Canada’.

The pair has been running workshops in Noviscotia for the past 21 years and 15 years in New Zealand. On their travels they pair up with Australia’s only dedicated Scottish baroque band, Evergreen Ensemble for concerts around Victoria and NSW.

Next year they hope to host a free concert, possibly in the Queenscliff Rotunda, as part of Boxwood Festivals’ mission to promote, perform and educate musicians and the public to traditional music.